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NTTG Committees

"Northern Tier is focused on results."

 -- Former Idaho Public Utilities Commissioner and NTTG Co-Chair, Marsha Smith
The Northern Tier Transmission Group is committed to improving transmission service and operations within its footprint. Transmission owners affiliated with NTTG are focused on near term, meaningful improvements that can be achieved with stakeholder participation and the participation of nearby control areas on a project-by-project basis.

Cost Allocation Committee Membership   

  • Idaho Power - Courtney Waites (Chair)                                                                      Idaho Public Utilities Commission - Stephen Goodson
    • MATL - Sumesh Guptar
    • Montana Consumer Council - Larry Nordell
    • Montana Public Service Commission Bob Decker
    • NorthWestern Energy Kim McClafferty
    • PacifiCorp Patience Kerchinsky
    • Portland General Electric Shaun Foster
    • Utah Division of Public Utilities Joni Zenger
    • Utah Office of Consumer Services Bela Vastag
    • Wyoming Office of Consumer Advocates Belinda Kolb
    • Wyoming Public Service Commission Marci Norby.


Cost Allocation Charter

Meeting Notes

FERC Order 890 Cost Allocation Process 

“…the coordinated planning and construction of new power lines will improve our ability to deliver new resources including wind and other renewables.”
.-- John Cupparo, former NTTG Co-Chair and Vice President, PacifiCorp Transmission


The Northern Tier utilities are committed to working collaboratively among themselves and with their neighbors toward a grid that supports an efficient west-wide electricity market with excellent reliability. NTTG members welcome the full spectrum of stakeholders – state officials, IPPs, environmentalists, consumer representatives, and others. The result of this collaboration will bring tangible near term results and set the stage for longer lead-time infrastructure initiatives.

Planning Committee Membership

  • Absaroka Energy LLC - Rhett Hurless
  • Avista Corporation - John Gross
  • Citizens Energy - Curt Winterfeld
  • Idaho Governor's Office of Energy and Mineral Resources - John Chatburn
  • Idaho Power - Jared Ellsworth (Chair)
  • Idaho Public Utilities Commission - Stephen Goodson
  • MATL - Sumesh Guptar
  • Montana Public Service Commission - Bob Decker
  • NorthWestern Energy - Chelsea Loomis (Vice Chair)
  • PacifiCorp - Craig Quist
  • Portland General Electric - Ian Beil
  • TransCanada - Bill Hosie
  • TransCanyon - Bob Smith
  • Wyoming Public Service Commission - James Branscomb


Planning Committee Members with No Appointed Voting Representative

  • Black Hills Power
  • Sea Breeze Pacific - Regional Transmission System 
    • Utah Public Service Commission


Planning Committee Charter

NTTG Planning Committee Tentative Meeting Schedule

Meeting Notes

FERC Order 890 Planning Process

We will offer transmission customers a new level of insight into the workings of the transmission system, enhancing its value to all consumers. 

-- Former Idaho Public Utilities Commissioner and NTTG Co-Chair, Marsha Smith
Summary: Available Transmission Capacity

Northern Tier is working to increase understanding of how the transmission system is being used and the business practices governing the use. Greater transparency will lead to more efficient and economic use of the grid, identification of where greater ATC is called for, and ultimately setting the groundwork for strategic transmission expansion. 

Transmission Use Committee Membership

  • Idaho Power - Beth Ryan (Vice Chair)
  • MATL - Sumesh Guptar
  • NorthWestern Energy - Frank O'Connor
  • PacifiCorp - Brian Fritz 
  • Portland General Electric - Matt Richard


Transmission Use Committee Charter

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