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“…the coordinated planning and construction of new power lines will improve our ability to deliver new resources including wind and other renewables.”
.-- John Cupparo, former NTTG Co-Chair and Vice President, PacifiCorp Transmission


The Northern Tier utilities are committed to working collaboratively among themselves and with their neighbors toward a grid that supports an efficient west-wide electricity market with excellent reliability. NTTG members welcome the full spectrum of stakeholders – state officials, IPPs, environmentalists, consumer representatives, and others. The result of this collaboration will bring tangible near term results and set the stage for longer lead-time infrastructure initiatives.

Planning Committee Membership

  • Absaroka Energy LLC - Rhett Hurless
  • Avista Corporation - John Gross
  • Citizens Energy - Curt Winterfeld
  • Idaho Governor's Office of Energy and Mineral Resources - John Chatburn
  • Idaho Power - Jared Ellsworth (Chair)
  • Idaho Public Utilities Commission - Stephen Goodson
  • MATL - Sumesh Guptar
  • Montana Public Service Commission - Bob Decker
  • NorthWestern Energy - Chelsea Loomis (Vice Chair)
  • PacifiCorp - Craig Quist
  • Portland General Electric - Ian Beil
  • TransCanada - Bill Hosie
  • TransCanyon - Bob Smith
  • Wyoming Public Service Commission - James Branscomb


Planning Committee Members with No Appointed Voting Representative

  • Black Hills Power
  • Sea Breeze Pacific - Regional Transmission System 
    • Utah Public Service Commission


Planning Committee Charter

NTTG Planning Committee Tentative Meeting Schedule

Meeting Notes

FERC Order 890 Planning Process

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